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“Ah that looks lovely!” said the Angora to her
Lop eared love.
The French lop hung the last of
the Holly Berries that they had gathered,
onto a remaining bough, and stepped back
so that he might better admire
their Christmas tree too.
And then he dreamily said, “Yes it does.”

She then said, “Come let us refresh ourselves,
I prepared your favorite!”
He said to her,
“Go on ahead and I will join you in a moment.
I have a final touch that I must add to our
Holiday tree.”

As the French lop finished,
adding what he had planned,
he then hopped over to join his ladylove.

She smiled as she handed him his plate of sweet
A huge piece of carrot cake she had baked
especially for him to enjoy.

As they rocked away in their chairs, they sat
silently, side by side,
sharing the warmth of the blazing fire that
burned within the fireplace.

As the French Lop looked over to his Angora,
he gently placed his fork down upon his plate
as he thought of how beautiful she looked as
fire shone upon her face.

She seemed to be unaware of his eyes upon her,
As she so intently watched the ever changing
flames that danced before her.

He spoke softly as he asked her,
“Why so quiet my sweet love?”

As the flickering flames reflected in her eyes,
She pensively spoke without looking at him,
and thoughtfully she said,
“I was just thinking…”

The Lop with great concern asked, “About
what love?”

As the beautiful Angora
looked at the love of her life,
she said,
“I was just thinking
about how much my life
has changed
….since I met you.”

He looked back at her,
and tipped his head to the side,
in that endearing way
he owned.

With a sparkle in his eyes he asked,
“Ahh…for the better I do hope.”

She held his gaze
as she answered him,
and with much love
she whispered,
“Yes love, for the better.”

She had a smile in her
eyes as she reminded her Lop,
“You kept me
in great anticipation
as you were not so easy to catch!”

He shook his head in wonderment and said,
“Please don’t think on that.
I cannot explain my hesitancy
to you or even to myself.
I am just so thankful that you held on to a
dream…our dream,
and that you had faith in me, and in us.

You have given me a life filled
with love and such happiness.”

She could hold back no longer,
she slipped from her chair
to sit on the lap of her
lopped-sided lopped-eared love,
she amorously nuzzled against him as she said,
“I couldn’t let go of my dream of us together.

From the moment I saw you,
I knew that you were the one…
that I had been waiting for.”

He said to her in wonder,
“And though I held back,
you never faltered! Why?”

She sweetly said, “Because my love, it was
beyond my control.
Once you had caught my eye…
you then captured my heart.”

The Angora hesitated for a moment
before she added,
“Another reason was that I knew…
that you needed me.
I merely had to wait until…you knew it too!”

As she hugged her love, she looked on beyond
at their Christmas tree,
and noticed something that she hadn’t before.

There was now a present resting on one of the
boughs. She excitedly asked,
“Oh my what is that on the tree? A present?

Is that the finishing touch
you needed to add to our tree?”
He lovingly nodded and said,
“Yes it is for you. Would you like to open it?”

As she nestled in his lap, she said,
“Oh yes, but only if…
you open my gift to you as well.”

The two hopped over to the tree, and as they
settled together,
He handed her his gift.

She then in turn reached under the tree
to give him his gift too.
She said, “You go first love.”

He nodded agreeably and said, “All right I will.”

As he gingerly untied the
Queen Ann’s Lace stem,
that beautifully graced his gift,
he then carefully unfolded the grape leaf
wrapping that covered his treasure.

He lifted up the book that his beautiful Angora
had given him,and read the title aloud,

“The Velveteen Rabbit”. Looking astonishingly
up at her he asked,
“How could you have known
I have been wanting to replace my beloved
damaged copy of this tale?”

She said, “I saw you one night struggling to
read it, and you were so carefully
trying to separate the pages that had been
damaged in that flood last spring.
I thought that perhaps, although I know you
can not replace the old,
that you might enjoy a new copy.”

He nodded as he unabashedly let a single tear
fall to show his gratitude.
Gathering himself, he looked up and said,
“Now it is your turn to open.”

As he handed her gift to her,
he apologized as he said,
“I am afraid that your gift is not as beautifully
wrapped as my gift had been.”

She looked at the cracked,
and crinkled Fall colored leaf
that was covering her gift and sincerely said,
“It’s lovely.”

As she opened her gift, she was overcome!
She asked him,
“Now it is my turn to be amazed! I love it.
How did you know I needed a new one?”

As he slipped her new bonnet on her and tied
the ties for her, he told her,
“I heard you telling your friend how much you
loved her new bonnet,
and of how badly in need you were of a new
bonnet as well.
Then you lamented that you didn’t think that
our budget would allow you
such an extravagance until the spring.”

She beamed as she said,
“Oh thank you so much.
I love it more than I can say!"

Merry Christmas my Love”
He responded, “Merry Christmas to you my
beautiful lady.”
As the two once again sat together
by the glow of the fire,
she watched him eat the last bite of his cake,
and without a word she cut him another,
knowing that he was about to ask for seconds.

The End

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